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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is the secret sensual and erotic massage that has been known to a privilleged few ………

Tantra was first discovered about thousands of  years ago and is based on creating harmony between the Cosmic Male and Female energy. Tantra recognizes and acknowledges that this union between the male and female is the most important fundamental law of the universe. Tantric massage really utilizes the body’s sexual energy and erotic synergy to bring ones consciousness to a higher plateau, it can transform sexual energy into spiritual ecstasy.

Tantra is about living for the moment to enjoy that very moment. Many people are living in a world where life can become very stressful, couples get swept away with financial worries and the more mundane aspects of life. By creating a sacred space, entering into and following a Tantric Massage Ritual can close off the rest of the world for a period of time and give yourself the ability to go into a trance of full relaxation and discovery of ecstasy.

Tantra utilizes the body’s sexual energy and erotic synergy as a way to discover your body and the hidden pleasures that is not known to many. Utilizing the body’s sex organs, erogenous zones, sexual energy and erotic synergy to bring one’s consciousness to a higher plateau,…

The Tantric Massage experience is a combination of many techniques using methods designed to create total relaxation, surrender and high states of sensual pleasure and awareness. Receive the knowledge to channel your sexual energy and activate the body’s Chakras, harnessing, opening and building your erotic pleasure centers, you will learn how to prolong your pleasure for hours, or even days..

So that the body itself is transfigured into a spiritual expression. Our spirits are our bodies and our bodies are our spirits. Spirituality, God-consciousness effects an alchemical transmutation on matter so that the body and its pleasures are seen as a sacred divine gift.

Hence, you will obtain healthy benefits through receiving massage therapy on a regular basis:

  • Make you feel younger & slow down your aging process
  • Increases the sexual vitality
  • Removes fatigues via total relaxation
  • Improve your body’s blood and oxygen circulation
  • Induces sleep and improve your body’s regeneration process
  • Strengthens Immune System and decreases Depression

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